Answering reader mail – part 11

Dear Chris,

In 2016, I worked as an extra on the set of the movie Pandemic.  Unfortunately, on set I was accidentally knocked in the head with a boom mic, and have been in a coma since last week.  I have 2 questions. 1.) Given that my coma dreams were all exactly like this, how do I know this is real and not a dream?  2.) What’s keeping you sane during this troubling time?

-Rupert, 43, Montgomery, FLA, USA


Hey Rupert, thanks for the question.  I’ll take the second question first. My cat, Ficus, is just the sweetest guy in the world and is literally acting like nothing has changed.  He’s so brave to act that way – if he can be that brave, then so can I.  As to the first question – as a staunch solopsist, my belief is that this reality is an extension of  MY own mind, and you are but a mere mind-less character in it. So the bad news is that YOU can’t really know whether this is a dream or real. The good news is that the truth is you ARE a mind-less character in MY reality, so your question doesn’t matter.  (Nothing you do matters.)

Hope that helps!  Stay safe!