Empty park

Secret agent Clarence looked around at the empty park and opened a piece of loose leaf paper, which read:


Instructions to purchase important secrets:

Meet at Raymond Park at 6PM.

Bring $4,000 cash.

A woman will call out to you from a parked car, asking “What’s the password?”

You will respond “My wife Francesca and I will be attending the good doctor’s Halloween party.”

She will ask, “Is the milkman healthy?”

You will respond “St. Augustine certainly believes it to be the case.”

She’ll ask ”What time does the gray train leave, and does it carry any passengers?”

You will respond “Mrs. Grimley’s affairs are of no concern to the peasantry.”

She will ask “Where does the brown bear summer?”

You will wink with your right eye and respond “Bobby Fischer appreciates your support during this very difficult time for him and his family.”

A strong wind blew the loose leaf paper away.  Clarence tried to chase after it, but the paper was lost.  He returned to spy headquarters to see if any of the other secret agents had made a copy…