“It’s a Wonderful Life” – Alternate Ending

2 researchers examine ZuZu’s pedals under a microscope.

Rick:  I’ve never seen anything like it.  These pedals are radioactive.

Wendy: That could only happen if they travelled between dimensions.

Rick:  Where did they find this stuff?

Wendy:  Bedford Falls, New York.  They think it entered the atmosphere at 10PM last night.  They’re interrogating the guy they belong to, George Bailey, in the next room.

Rick: Harry Bailey’s brother?

Wendy:  The very same.  He must be on drugs.  He’s talking about angels and his wife who became an old maid without him.  He also had a TON of cash on him. Sargent thinks there’s something fishy going on.

Clarence appears behind them out of nowhere and karate chops them both in the neck.  They pass out.

Clarence:  There, there, tut, tut – forget what you think you saw here.

The pedals slowly disappear.  Clarence puts a couple bouillon cubes under the microscope, in their place.  He leaves the room and snaps his fingers. The 2 researchers wake up and look at the microscope.

Rick:  I must have passed out.  I don’t even remember studying these bouillon cubes.  I must be exhausted.

Clarence enters the interrogation room and karate chops the 2 interrogators.  He and George flee the station.