“It’s a Wonderful Life” – First Draft

George:  Maybe it’d be better if I’d never been born…

Clarence:  Now, now, George.  You mustn’t say things like that.  I’m not going to get my wings if you – wait a minute..

George:  What’s that?

Clarence:  That might work.  OK, George. You’ve got your wish.  You’ve never been born.

George:  Oh, ha, ha, very funny.

George and Clarence open the door and look outside.  The previously snowy scene has transformed into miles and miles of wasteland desert.  A tumbleweed rolls by.

George:  Where’s the river?  The bridge? Where’s Bedford Falls?

Clarence:  You weren’t there to save your brother Harry from drowning.  And therefore Harry’s future son Theodore was never born. And Theodore’s son Wallace wasn’t there to stop the evil timelord Wendel from going back in time and destroying the planet.  This is Earth now, or what’s left of it… Don’t you see? One man’s life affects so many others.