Finally home

Lucas and his wife, Adriana Horatio-Modell, pulled into their driveway. Finally, Lucas's compulsive "making up names and shoehorning them into this blog" was cured after a successful brainsurgery. The neighbors, Morris Yuligan, Ferguson Rimps, Manual St. Daniels, and Scooby Wiles had pinned "Welcome Home!" balloons to their mailbox. His kids, Garrison Goodwillow, Chickabee Martin, Rapaport … Continue reading Finally home

Research Expedition

Lucas lead the research team deep into the jungle.  It was a tight knit crew. The chief botanists, Odysseus Yardsley and Alphonso Daniels, marched behind him. Further back were the history professors, Cynthia Coolwell and Clive Nunez. Lucas had named several of birds overhead - Cooper Crockwell, Elena Hudson-Shimsley, and Topher Robespierre. The two local … Continue reading Research Expedition

Small Town Courtroom

Lucas Plumsberry awaited his verdict.  He recognized a lot of people in this small town courtroom. The judge, Donovan Lumfren, made his opening remarks.  Rudy Cooperbury, the bailiff, stood stoically beside him.  His lawyer, Katy Jackamore, assured him all would turn out ok.  His best friends, Ellis Midnight, Rufus Brampton, and Christof Supian sat hopefully … Continue reading Small Town Courtroom

Long-form improv with Ayn Rand (101 class)

Improv 101 class in a small acting studio in NYC.  Chris, Ayn Rand, and 3 other classmates stand in a circle.  The teacher sits in a chair looking on. Teacher:  Ok, guys - let’s warm up with a game of zip, zap, zop.  The first person points to someone else and says “zip”.  The person … Continue reading Long-form improv with Ayn Rand (101 class)

Long-form Improv with Ayn Rand

Chris and Ayn Rand enter the stage through the back curtains. Chris:  Hello, everyone.  We are... Squish!  And we’re going to perform long-form improv for you.  Can I get a suggestion of...  Ayn Rand:  No suggestion needed.  We will rely on the genius of both our individual minds. Chris: Ok.. sure.. Chris walks to stage … Continue reading Long-form Improv with Ayn Rand