Long-form Improv with Ayn Rand

Chris and Ayn Rand enter the stage through the back curtains.

Chris:  Hello, everyone.  We are… Squish!  And we’re going to perform long-form improv for you.  Can I get a suggestion of… 

Ayn Rand:  No suggestion needed.  We will rely on the genius of both our individual minds.

Chris: Ok.. sure..

Chris walks to stage right and begins to elaborately mime juggling two balls.

The crowd chuckles.

Ayn Rand walks to center stage.

Ayn Rand: My architecture firm is doing well.  Thank you for asking, Immanuel Kant.

Ayn Rand laughs loudly to herself.



Ayn Rand, still laughing, jogs across stage, sweeping (ending) the scene.  As she jogs, she tries to high five several audience members in the front row, but none have their hands up.