Small Town Courtroom

Lucas Plumsberry awaited his verdict.  He recognized a lot of people in this small town courtroom.

The judge, Donovan Lumfren, made his opening remarks.  Rudy Cooperbury, the bailiff, stood stoically beside him.  His lawyer, Katy Jackamore, assured him all would turn out ok.  His best friends, Ellis Midnight, Rufus Brampton, and Christof Supian sat hopefully in the first row.  

The prosecutor, Phillip Indigo, looked stern and thoughtful.  

Before the courtroom door was closed by Friar Portsly, he saw the custodians, Simian Underfellow and Letucia Donasigliamore sweeping.  

Before the west window was closed by Antonia Bertucciamore, he saw activists Michael Merengue, Witchita Stevens, and Dyonysus Crumly chanting outside for his release.

His friends from work, Frank Clunkwater, Jennifer Everwinter, and J.Q.E. Inkbishop had also come to support him in the third row.

Wow, even his childhood friends had showed up; Jimly Willowsby and  Rumtum Kookaborough gave him a thumbs up from the fourth row.

He recognized the local reporters in the back row – Kyle Brian, Maniford Foomsly, Red Bellafonte,  Gus Dulmoon,  Timothy Shoops,  Morgan Glass-Burton,  and Mariah Leatherfeather.

He did NOT recognize the jury, as that would have been wildly unethical.

He was found guilty on two counts of fishing without required permits, three counts of felony jay-walking, one count of crimes against humanity, and three counts of reckless daydreaming with intent to sell.