Research Expedition

Lucas lead the research team deep into the jungle.  It was a tight knit crew.

The chief botanists, Odysseus Yardsley and Alphonso Daniels, marched behind him.

Further back were the history professors, Cynthia Coolwell and Clive Nunez.

Lucas had named several of birds overhead – Cooper Crockwell, Elena Hudson-Shimsley, and Topher Robespierre.

The two local shamans who allowed them in the area, Kateria Roche and Kristiana Kindfellow marched further back.

The wildlife experts, Vesuvias Mulligan, Chet Schopenhauer and Slimy Peter talked quietly alongside him.

Lucas looked down at the book he was reading by co-authors Gregorio Michaelangelo, Gulliver Rooks, and Patricia Shnips – titled “How to Do Research in a Jungle.”

He stopped for a moment.  If this dig was successful, everyone would know him as the greatest explorer that the world had ever known.  And that’s something his son, Alfredo Vittgenstein, could be proud of.