Trip to the Psychiatrist

Lucas entered the Tank Creesely Memorial hospital and walked to the fourth floor.  He met Dr. Guenevere Innisfree and laid on the client couch in her office.

Dr.: I see you were referred by your GP, Dr. Horace P. Underwood.  What seems to be the problem?

Lucas: I can’t stop making up names and shoehorning them into my blog.

Dr. : What kind of names?

Lucas:  For example, Sargent David Greeps, Seamus Kinkaid-Morsley, Allan Mannanu, Sir Nathan T. Longshoe, Sigfriend Montescue, Janet Wilcox-O’Grotten, Abigale Nightingale, Conan Bega-Priestly, Amy Wockabee.

Dr.: This is most unusual.  I’ll have to confer with my colleagues Riley Maxwell-Quimley, Arthur Verandana, and Amis Perrysweater, as they are specialists in this particular neurosis.

After their session had ended, he thanked the psychiatrist and settled the insurance with the receptionist, Susan Napolean.