Brain Surgery

Lucas opened his eyes after his brain surgery.  He hoped his condition of compulsive “making up names and shoehorning them into his blog” would be healed. 

As nurse Pierre Longley left the room, Lucas glanced at the cards at his bedside.  Some were from family he hadn’t seen in years – Petunia Allabaster, Zuzu Beechman, Oscar Willowby-Carlyle.  How sweet of them!

The surgeon, Dr. Tyrone Planks, entered the room.

Dr. : I like to ask all my patients – for example Rebecca Kipspeter – the same question; How are you feeling?

Lucas: Good.  I think it worked! But as I was admiring that painting over there by Walter Fitzmichael (donated by Aaron McNunez) I was thinking.. will my memory be affected by the surgery?

Dr. : It’s possible.  Let’s test.  Can you name a couple members of your college swim team?

Lucas:  Cheeky Thomas and Frederick Picasso.

Dr. : Who is your current boss?

Lucas: Ebenezer Doowane – sorry, that was my old boss.  Cherry Bernard-Titus is my current boss.

Dr. : Perfect.  You’re one of the lucky ones.