Finally home

Lucas and his wife, Adriana Horatio-Modell, pulled into their driveway.

Finally, Lucas’s compulsive “making up names and shoehorning them into this blog” was cured after a successful brainsurgery.

The neighbors, Morris Yuligan, Ferguson Rimps, Manual St. Daniels, and Scooby Wiles had pinned “Welcome Home!” balloons to their mailbox.

His kids, Garrison Goodwillow, Chickabee Martin, Rapaport Jeffries, and Skip Sinclaire ran to hug him as he opened the car door.

Lucas: Any mail?

Adriana: Yes – IRS agents Yancey Dominus and Forrest Nuntgomery wrote to us that we owe $30,000 due to unreported income.

Lucas: Oh no! I’ll have to call our attourneys, Peep Cronkite, Britney Kevinwater, and Elizabeth Moosh and our accountants Xijing Cleech-Harris and Gusippe Rollins..