“Best Blog of the Year” Award

Lucas receives the “Best Blog of the Year” award.  He is wearing a tux, speaking at a center stage podium to hundreds of other formally dressed guests

Lucas: I never thought I’d make it here.  12 years ago, I was diagnosed with a very rare and severe disorder called “making up names and shoehorning those names into my blog”.  Fortunately, after a successful brain surgery, I was able to get back to my normal blog posts without any incident.

I want to thank the Academy for Excellence in Blogging.  And there are a few individuals I want to thank, too…

Merigold Aquinas, my 3rd grade creative writing teacher.

Magillicutty “The Tank” Chambers, my oldest and best friend, who ALWAYS encouraged me to write.

Fingus W. Brookstock – my college swim coach, who taught me the real value of discipline.

Seamous Amis – my tech support contact when I have trouble using the WordPress site.

Gregory Weathersby – my pet bird.  He’s been my muse for many years.

Cassandra Dostayevski – my bird sitter, who is watching Greg right now.  Alright Greg, go to sleep!  It’s past your bedtime!

Axel W. Flannahan – my backup bird sitter for emergencies.

Luther Lawless – the uncredited cofounder of Mavis Beacon typing software.  I don’t know where I’d be without you.

George “Rickety” St. Lucius – a rival blogger who I stole most of my material from.

Morgan Langston Veracaccio – cashier at my local Papa John’s.. fueld many a writing session!

And of course where would I be without my very loving wife and family.  Gosh, I’m blanking on your names.  You all know who you are!  Thank you so much.  Good night, everyone.