Lucas consults a priest

Lucas and a priest in the confessional.

Priest: What’s troubling you?

Lucas: It happened again.  I made up some silly names.. then I brazenly.. for no reason really.. I.. I.. shoehorned those names.. into my blog.

Priest: Remember, my son – “God only gives us what we can handle” – to quote the great St. Herbert Lermendale Neebly.

Lucas: Patron saint of..

Priest: .. of people who make up silly names and shoehorn them into blogs.

Lucas: Ever since I came back to the church, Fr. Murtle G. Klonk, I’ve definitely felt less guilt about my condition.

Priest: God loves you as you are.  And St. Orlando Chivesweather Parish will always welcome you with open arms.  Will I see you Sunday after mass, for the bake sale?

Lucas:  Yes, of course.  I wouldn’t miss Venison Jorfries’ famous pumpkin pie!